Make Your Fleet Stand Out with Vinyl Graphics and Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl graphics are a great way to brand your company vehicles, provide customers with wayfinding signage or express your business’ creative side. They are also removable without damaging the original paint job.

Turn your work van or delivery vehicle into a mobile billboard to engage potential clients while on the go! Eye-catching wraps create quality impressions and can reach thousands of potential customers every day. Investing in vehicle wraps and graphics will increase the professionalism of your company and give it a boost.

Whether you’re driving around town or running deliveries for your small business, your car is an effective advertising tool. But if you want to take your car advertising to the next level, consider adding a vinyl graphics wrap to it. These wraps are eye-catching and can help you reach more customers.

They’re also an affordable alternative to other types of advertising. They can be designed to cover the entire vehicle or just a small area. They’re also weatherproof and durable. A wrap can last up to three years before it needs to be replaced.

Moreover, these wraps are effective even when the vehicle isn’t being driven. They can generate between 30,000 and 80,000 impressions daily, which is a lot more than other forms of advertising.

Turn your fleet into a powerful mobile billboard with eye-catching truck side advertisements. These can include full wraps, partial wraps and vinyl lettering. Vinyl graphics can be made to cover windows or leave them perforated for visibility.

This form of marketing works well on delivery trucks traveling specific routes delivering products or services to big box retailers, grocery and convenience stores, schools, and office buildings. These trucks often travel major interstates and thoroughfares but also drive city arterials and surface streets.

LED mobile billboard trucks feature backlit panels that can display video or other animated content. They are popular in dense areas where competing ad space is high and can cut through ad clutter and ensure your message gets seen. These trucks are available on a national or region-wide basis. They deliver an average of 30 to 50K Impressions daily and can be tracked via GPS. This makes them a great choice for events or long-term branding.

Having a wrap or vinyl graphics on your vehicle can help you stand out from other companies. It can also provide privacy for valuables you leave inside your vehicle as well. These can be full or partial wraps. They can even cover the windows, though some have perforated vinyl that allows you to see out while still providing privacy.

For smaller businesses, wrapping your car or truck can make you more visible to potential customers in your area. However, be sure to check with local authorities before you engage in this type of advertising. Many cities, especially crowded ones, have banned the practice of wrapping vehicles.

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Whether you have an entire fleet of trucks or just one company car, vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics will help your business stand out. Unlike a custom paint job, they are removable, which will allow you to get more for your vehicle at resale. And because they are made from high-performance vinyl, they resist fading and cracking.

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